The Binary Art

Mustafa Khanbhai engages with the nature of history and memory. History is alive, in a constant flurry, in conflict with its own existence.

The Artsmith Of Words

Youdhisthir Maharjan focuses on text as form to contour his art. The strength of words, the conscience of a story or the depth of a book, all hold powers beyond our understanding.

The Keeper Of Amnesiac Memories

Krupa Makhija sifts through memories of conflict to document her history. The search for peace has led us to a graveyard wherein lie buried deep the feathers of white pigeons The part of land I had grown on and thrived centuries ago, has been usurped by the Devils for building their idgahs and goshalas The protectors of the forests uprooted the banyan tree and planted its limbs in the flower pots.

Mu Boyan, Fatty

Mu Boyan is a master sculptor. In his hands, material melts to life. He dresses them with human skin, blushing cheeks and moulds of oxen fat.

Through The Cartographer’s Eye

Pala Pothupitiye’s artistic energies tend to explore a number of interpretations on identity within a discourse of ancestry, tradition, authenticity, urbanity, Geo-politics and dynamics of contemporary art practices.

The Black Dimension by Subhakar Tadi

In the age-old traditions of print, black is what the colours of the world simmer down to. For printmakers, the etched outlines, the subtlety of the medium, lends itself to a deeper exploration of textures and experimentations.