The Dissidence Doctrine

Riyas Komu showcased Holy Shiver, a solo exhibition responding to a State in deliberate conflict with its founding principles. The title ‘Holy Shiver’ is a reference to the conceptual strand discussed by the Nobel Prize winning ethologist, Konrad Lorenz.

URU Art Harbour

A Riveting space full of artful possibilities, this center of arts is a gamechanger. Another pioneering initiative by Riyas Komu and his able team that will breach new ground for art in India.

Damien Hirst

Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable Damien Hirst – his works astonish, titillate and confront the viewer; at times to even question the very definition of Art.

The Sculpted Line

Léon-Georges Dorignac, the French painter, left a rich legacy of undeniably nuanced works. Rodin, his contemporary, upon seeing his artwork is said to have declared, “Dorignac sculpts his drawings.”

Missing Memories

Rahul Solanki paints with paper to conjure up minimalist abstractions Rahul Solanki’s art coaxes you in phases. Phase 1 – his paintings like the one I saw first, Missing, are placed like mug shots on a station wall, but with the unsteady hand of whimsy.