Through The Cartographer’s Eye

Pala Pothupitiye’s artistic energies tend to explore a number of interpretations on identity within a discourse of ancestry, tradition, authenticity, urbanity, Geo-politics and dynamics of contemporary art practices.

The Legend of SpY

SpY has a cult following in the Madrid street art scene. His works take urban spaces and catapults them into a commentary on the status quo.

The Black Dimension by Subhakar Tadi

In the age-old traditions of print, black is what the colours of the world simmer down to. For printmakers, the etched outlines, the subtlety of the medium, lends itself to a deeper exploration of textures and experimentations.

Ritchelly Oliveira, Lucunas in the mind

Oliviera is the real star of his hyper-realistic drawings. His every touch infusing a renaissance richness to parched paper. It is here that he manoeuvres negative spaces into his compositions to keep the context of his masterful hand constantly alive in the beholder’s eye.

Rashid Johnson, Anxious Men

Re-telling the dark wounds of fear In 2015 The Drawing Center presented Rashid Johnson’s Anxious Men, a site-specific installation created by the artist with curator Claire Gilman for the Drawing Room gallery.