The Sculpted Line

Léon-Georges Dorignac, the French painter, left a rich legacy of undeniably nuanced works. Rodin, his contemporary, upon seeing his artwork is said to have declared, “Dorignac sculpts his drawings.”

Missing Memories

Rahul Solanki paints with paper to conjure up minimalist abstractions Rahul Solanki’s art coaxes you in phases. Phase 1 – his paintings like the one I saw first, Missing, are placed like mug shots on a station wall, but with the unsteady hand of whimsy.

Magical Thinking​

Rithika Merchant’s work is an Imaginarium that explores the commonality of beliefs across geographies, a personal reflection on the deep connection between the human mind and the natural world.

The Binary Art

Mustafa Khanbhai engages with the nature of history and memory. History is alive, in a constant flurry, in conflict with its own existence.

The Artsmith Of Words

Youdhisthir Maharjan focuses on text as form to contour his art. The strength of words, the conscience of a story or the depth of a book, all hold powers beyond our understanding.